The “nano science & entrepreneurship” event:
NanoBio Surfaces and Interfaces in Healthcare and Science
Nano scientists meet nano entrepreneurs


27 & 28 September @ University Twente, NL, & adjacent to MESA+ day 26th

 We look at ways to help further stimulate and grow European PhD level physics/chemistry spin-offs/start-ups business (case). Se we created an workshop community & event , aimed at connecting academic business initiatives to prospective academic and corporate (customers & venturing) in the field of physics/chemistry (one in Plasma , one in Nano / bio technology. From CVN members already contribute DSM, Philips (handheld), Fujifilm and TNO. An European International Scientific Committee (ISC) comprises top level professors with spin-off experience & ambition.

The “nano science & entrepreneurship“ event on 27 & 28 September @ The Gallery TU Twente is supported by NanoNextNL and is aligned with the Mesa+ day in Enschede on 26 September 2016 and aims to gather an international audience with an annual regulating follow-up in different EU countries (EPFT,  KIT, ..).

Themes covered

  • Human diagnostic devices,
  • Analytics, detection, imaging (surface & subsurface),
  • Surface functionalization
  • Drug release systems &  Nanomedicine (with focus on cancer, immunology, CNS related diseases),
  • antimicrobial/antifouling coatings
  • cell-material interaction for Organ-on-chip devices & Regenerative medicine @ the nano scale
  • Biosensory devices,
  • Lead compound discovery and novel screening methods (such as organoids/organs on a chip)
  • Synthetic cells
  • Nano-robotics
  • Microfluidic cellhandling, processing and analysis
  • Biomarkers

Targeted audience & presenters

  • Universities/Institutes (professors, phd students)
  • Spin-offs & startups
  • Firms
  • Corporates & Corporate Venturing
  • Private equity/ VC

International Scientific Committee (ISC)

Philippe Renaud (EFPL), Jan Korvink (KIT), Mathis Riehle (Glasgow U), Tony Cass (Imperial C), María Jesus Vicent (Valencia), Thomas Laurell (Lund, Tokyo, Seoul), Björn Önfelt (RIT/Stockholm), Wolfgang Parak (U Marburg), Rabah Boukherroub (CNRS Lille), Thomas Pfohl (BMC/Basel), Andrew deMello (ETH), Ulrich Bockelman (CNRS/ ESPCI, Paris), Mark Wallace (Oxford), Christelle Prinz (Lund),  Viola Vogel (ETH), Colin Campbell (EPSRC/MRC CDT/ Edinburgh), Emmanuel Delamarche (IBM, ETH), Molly Stevens (Imperial), Jean-Louis Viovy (CNRS/ IPGG Paris), Jonathan Cooper (Glasgow), Monika Ritsch-Marte (Innsbruck), Andrew J. Turberfield (Oxford), Jeroen Lammertyn (MeBioS/Leuven), Achillefs Kapanidis (Oxford), Dieter Braun (Ludwig-Maximilians-U), Ola Söderberg (Uppsala U), Gert Desmet (VU Brussel), Jan Behrends (U Freiburg), Jochen Guck (U Dresden), Jörg Enderlein (Göttingen), Charles Baroud (LadHyX, Palaiseau) , Valérie Taly (Parisdescartes)

Netherlands ISC/NanoNextNL/Organizing Committee  

Pascal Jonkheijm (MESA+ /UT), Menno Prins(TU/e), Carlijn Bouten (TU/e),  Han Zuilhof (WUR), Gijs J.L. Wuite (VU), Jan van Hest (Radboud U), Gert  Storm (Utrecht , MIRA, UT), Volker Hessel (TU/e), Roman Truckenmüller (MERLN/Maastricht),  Sabeth Verpoorte (Groningen), Rob Lammertink (UT), , Karin Schroen (WUR), Maarten Jongsma (WUR), Aylvin Dias (DSM), Frank de Jong (FEICo)

For more information please contact Hugo de Haan of Vision Dynamics (