We see Corporate Venturing as a powerful tool to answer the question:
Where does my future business come from?

Corporate Venturing Network Netherlands (CVNN) was originally founded in 2002 by serial entrepreneur Wilbert Willems and  open innovation expert Rob Kirschbaum (previous DSM). The last few years our scope is no longer only the Netherlands and several Belgium companies joined  as a member. Therefore on January 1st of 2016 we dropped the second ‘N’ an we became Corporate Venturing Network (CVN). CVN is a successful network of corporations active in corporate venturing and open innovation.

It establishes relationships between large corporations and  links them to small and medium sized enterprises, universities, public private partnerships and startups creating an ecosystem for innovation in the Netherlands and neighboring countries. Moreover, CVN strives to bridge the gap between the need of new business ventures and the availability of innovations at external entities and hence potential partners (universities, start-ups, investment funds, other companies)

CVN’s creed is ’CVN; for the members, by the members and through the members’. We are a network organisation sharing best practices and collaborating on creating tangible leads and new business initiatives. We are organizing interactive meetings together with other stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem.

To become member of CVN

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