On June 2nd, 2017 CVN attended the symposium “The future of Collaborative Innovation & Business Venturing” at the Erasmus University followed by the inaugural address of Prof. dr. ir. Vareska van de Vrande.

The six wave of Corporate Venturing is Co-creating of ecosystems. The various speakers at the symposium uncovered the different forces at play in these ecosystmes and explored the response options companies have to the greater dissemination of knowledge, employee mobility, and the increasing number of start-ups.

Vareska 2 juniIn her inaugural address Professor Vareska van de Vrande argued that as a result of the changing business environment, companies need to continuously invest in the development of new business in order to remain competitive. But, due to the increasing complexity of the environment, internal development is often not enough and collaborative innovation has become more important. Van de Vrande presented how recent developments may influence collaborative innovation and business venturing, and how these will have short- and long-term implications for organisations. Read: Inaugural address Professor Van de Vrande