About CVN

Corporate Venturing is a powerful tool to create new and disruptive business and CVN support the development and cross learning of Corporate Venturing


CVN’s motto is ’CVN; for the members, by the members and through the members’. We are a peer-to-peer network organization sharing best practices and collaborating on creating tangible leads and new business initiatives. We are organizing interactive meetings together with other stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem. In addition, we organize special interest groups with partners that have a common interest in topics that play an important role in corporate venturing

Corporate Venturing Network started as Corporate Venturing Network Netherlands (CVNN) and was originally founded in 2002 by serial entrepreneur Wilbert Willems and open innovation expert Rob Kirschbaum (previous DSM). With the expansion of the activities into Europe the second ‘N’ was dropped on January 1st of 2016 and we became Corporate Venturing Network (CVN).

We support the development and cross-learning of Corporate Venturing. This is for example done by the book of Corina Kuiper and Fred van Ommen on Corporate Venturing and by the ready to team up tool of Corina Kuiper and Prof Vareska van der Vrande of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, which facilitates the teaming up of corporates and startups.



  • Collaborate on Corporate
    Business Development

    CVN promotes the building of ecosystems by bridging the gap between corporates and startups and potential partners (universities, start-ups, investment funds, other companies)

  • Establish an open innovation

    CVN establishes relationships between large corporations and links them to small and medium sized enterprises, universities, public private partnerships and startups creating an ecosystem for innovation Moreover,

  • Encourage entrepreneurship

    CVN stimulates entrepreneurship by clarifying the different types of innovation and demonstrating how they can all live together in an innovation family


4-Yearly meetings in which we visit and explore different industries

There are four CVN meetings each year, organized by one of the members or together with partners.  
Topics adressed encompas all themes around corporate business development . We not only focus on sharing the success stories but we equally address the lessons learned and the failures.

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Getting into depth of a market with Special Interest Groups

Special interest groups are formed aroud specific topics and meetings are planned in addition to the member meetings. In the special interest groups we bring together interested members and partners addressing specific topics interests in areas that all are either active in or are planning to be active in. 

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