CVN meeting: How to improve the return on collaboration + network dinner

We will present the outcomes of the CVN/Klever Collaborative Discovery Program, share experiences and present a few good practices on how to increase the return on collaboration. As this is our first physical event in a long time, there will be a network dinner so there will be plenty of time to network and catch up


During May 9-June 7th 21 corporates and 6 innovation ecosystem players are exploring a new way to discover global startups & scale-ups by using the KLEVER Decision Rooms. During this event we will present the outcomes of this CVN/Klever Collaborative Discovery Program and share experiences. We will also invite a few keynote speakers to share good practices on how to increase the chance of success on corporate-start-up collaboration. One of these good practices is the venture building program of the BOM. More details on the agenda will follow soon

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