CVN meeting: How to improve the return on collaboration + network dinner

We presented the outcomes of the CVN/Klever Collaborative Discovery Program, share experiences and present a few good practices on Collaborative Corporate Venturing



During May 9-June 7th 21 corporates and 6 innovation ecosystem players are exploring a new way to discover global startups & scale-ups by using the KLEVER Decision Rooms. During this event the outcomes of this CVN/Klever Collaborative Discovery Program were presented and and experiences were shared. We discussed what we can do together we cannot do standaolone, i,e. how cam collaborative corporate venturing assist in discovering (new) markets and in makung better decisions? 

The participants had the opportunity to attend a unique guided tour of the experience lab of ASML, including a presentation about early-stage deep tech investment opportunities. After this tour, the BOM shared its recent experiences in venture building. We closed with a networking dinner to catch up with each other after two years of online interactions.