CVN Trip to Israel: “Accelerating Corporate Venturing” Partner event

From April 3-6 CVN will organize together with Annegien Blokpoel an active Field Trip to Israel for all involved in Corporate Innovation, Venturing and investing in innovative companies. The purpose of the trip is to get to know and explore cooperation with the Israeli innovation ecosystem and to strengthen the relationships between the innovation and investor ecosystems in the Netherlands and Israel.


Why visiting Israel

Israel is well known as Startup Nation and the first programs for startups and seed VC date from the mid-1980s. The country actively supports the current migration from “Startup Nation” to “Scale up Nation”. Support programs have been added in recent years and with interest from US private equity & corporates an extensive ecosystem has been created around R&D Centers, Innovation Centers,

Incubators, Accelerators, Commercialization programs, seed funds and private equity. Israeli companies have found their way to the US capital market (private equity and IPO’s) and launching customers & strategic buyers.

Corporates such as Google, Renault, Medtronics, Booking, Philips and a nr of Unicorns have accelerator programs, R&D and Innovation centres located in Tel Aviv and Herzliya area. At present there are more than 350 international Corporates active in Israel, 70 local venture funds and 80 accelerators (government, university, venture funds and corporate affiliates) and a significant number of foreign (corporate) VC funds active. There are more than 1,000 top high-tech start-ups each year and in 2018 $6.47 billion ($5 billion in 2017) was invested in 623 deals in start-ups and companies in the scale-up phase.

Strong point of Israeli ecosystem: well connected to US for more than 20 years and acting as a worldwide R&D and innovation hub/marketplace.
Strong points of tech startups in Israel are: big data, AI, machine learning as part of DNA, focus on scale-ing up and teaming up with corporate and SAAS solutions from the start, thinking out of the box and creating new innovative solutions (healthtech, cybertech, agri & food tech, deeptech (lifescience).

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