DDW event

We met the student technology teams of the TU/e at the TU/e innovation Space and visited the TU/e expo 'Drivers of Change' at the DDW at Strijp S

TU/e innovation Space


CVN together with the BOM organized in close cooperation with the TU/e our annual event during the Dutch Design Week. 

We met the student technology teams of the TU/e. In this innovation program, annually ~700 students of TU/e challenge themselves to tackle big societal problems with cutting-edge technology spanning themes like mobility, urban environment, energy, biosensing, AI, and robotics. Developing (often) industry-leading proof of concepts, the teams aim to inspire scalable change, establish spin-off ventures, as well as achieve personal growth as the Engineers of the Future. This part of the program took place at the TU/e innovation Space: a place where students learn to deal with complex societal and industrial challenges, create prototypes and develop innovations in collaboration with researchers, businesses and other stakeholders.

We ended the day with a guided tour at ‘Drivers of Change’ of the TU/e at Strijp-S. This exposition shows the most important designs that demonstrate the power of technology in response to the challenges of tomorrow. During this guided tour, we saw an artificial womb in development, a smart way to discover breast cancer, which avenues photonics open for us and why it is important to investigate the climate at the South Pole on the spot.