Fujifilm Open Innovation Hub Europa

We visited the Fujifilm Open Innovation Hub Europe. We learned more about what Fujifilm has to offer and explored collaboration opportunities between the members

Fujifilm Europe


Fujifilm has established three Open Innovation Hubs (Tokyo, Silicon Valley, Düsseldorf). In these Open Innovation Hubs, Fujifilm aims to create new innovations together with partners, on the four themes of Environment, Health, Daily Life and Work Style, which represent priority areas of Fujifilm, aiming to solve social issues through its business activities. The main purpose of the Open Innovation Hubs is to showcase Fujifilm’s technologies and products to customers and business partners in order to find opportunities for valuable partnerships and to create or co-create innovative solutions to societal and industrial challenges. Impression of the Fujifilm Open innovation hub: click here

The purpose of visiting the Open Innovation Hub is to:

  • Get acquainted with Fujifilm’s business transformation and diversification and learn more about Fujifilm’s core technologies that are used in a broad area of applications
  • Learn more about how Fujifilm uses Innovation hubs to enable collaborative innovation
  • Co-create new ideas and Identify new opportunities for collaboration