How to deal with Scale-ups

On Friday November 16th 2018 CVN organized a meeting  at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The theme of this event was “Scale-ups”. Starting a company is hard but scaling a company is even harder. 

High Tech Campus - Eindhoven


A scale-up is defined as a company with at least 10 employees that has grown by at least 20 per cent per year over a three-year period (OECD, 2007). Why do some startups develop into scale-ups and others not? Which factors are indicative of successful fast-growing organizations and which barriers of expansion exist? How to finance growth? How to survive the antibodies of the corporate mother as an internal scale-up?

The meeting started with a network lunch. Afterwards we had several short presentations of scale-ups (IME Medical Electrospinning and Utomik) and corporates (Philips and ASML) sharing their journeys and learnings.  RSM/ECE presented the key insights of their research on scale-ups and ASML also told us more about the Make Next Platform. This platform provides the future generation of manufacturing companies with a unique opportunity to gain access to the networks, knowledge and expertise of the leading Dutch companies ASML, Huisman and Vanderlande. These stories were input for roundtable sessions to discuss and learn more about how to develop successful scale-ups.