Intrapreneurship – Unlock the potential

Learn in this interactive workshop more about how to create an intrapreneurial mindset from Professor Josette Dijkhuizen

online event


Intrapreneurship - entrepreneurial work behavior in organizations - is a crucial ingredient of Corporate Venturing. What is your role in strengthening the intrapreneurial work behavior? How can you create the intrapreneurial mindset in your team, department or organization? This are the key questions that will be addressed in this workshop. There will be also room for reflection and sharing ideas with other participants.

About Josette Dijkhuizen. Josette works as an Honorary Professor of Entrepreneurship Development at the Maastricht School of Management. Josette coaches and advises entrepreneurs and boards of companies on ‘entrepreneurship’: strengthening entrepreneurial skills and practical advice on how to make an organization more efficient and effective, and more innovative. She is author of several books and has developed and intrapreneurial scan for organizations. Josette was appointed as Women’s Representative in the Netherlands delegation to the United Nations General Assembly and she spoke at the General Assembly in New York about women’s entrepreneurship.